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Cocheco Arts Festival

Wooden Eye and Szirbik Close Out Third Week of Festival
Posted by mmengers - July 23, 2012

This past Friday, it was a great night to listen to live music at the Cochecho Arts Festival in downtown Dover. The third Friday Night Headliner concert of the season kicked off with a performance by Dover-based songwriter, Andrea Szirbik at 6:00pm. Through Szirbik’s performance the crowd at Henry Law Park grew in size by the minute and by the time Wooden Eye took to the Burns, Bryant, Cox, Rockefeller & Durkin Stage at 7pm there were over 750 people in attendance. The Garrison City was certainly bumping with music all night long as neither Szirbik nor Wooden Eye disappointed the enthralled audience.

Szirbik started off the show by pleasing the crowd with her smooth ukulele skills and soothing guitar playing. She was also accompanied on stage by Matt Young on mandolin. Szirbik’s whimsical stage presence, generally seen on Farmers Markets stages throughout the Seacoast, drew the crowd to the Park and her performance showed the crowd that she is worthy herself of being a Headliner Act very soon.

“This show was definitely different from playing the Farmers Market shows, because the sound carries a lot more and it’s a different setup. I got a great vibe from this crowd,” commented Szirbik. Following Szirbik, Seacoast-based Wooden Eye took the stage with their great Americana Folk music with a style and energy all their own. Wooden Eye was back for the second year in a row being part of the Cochecho Arts Festival Headliner Series, however, their show in 2011 was rained out.

“We’re happy that this year we got to play outside unlike last year where we were rained out and played indoors,” said drummer Joe Rogers.

“We love the crowd and love to play here.” The band played two 50 minute sets much to the pleasure of the enthralled crowd. Wooden Eye definitely brought their rootsy mood to stage, bringing some great vibes to the Pavilion.

“We love playing the Pavilion. It’s always a friendly crowd,” commented Mike Rogers, Wooden Eye’s lead singer and harmonica player. “Because of this great atmosphere, it helps the mood of the musicians, creating a great show for the crowd.”

Throughout the night Wooden Eye continued to please the crowd with their bluesy, jazz feel. The band created a sound all their own as they were able to blend together many different types of music into one energy pumping show. Wooden Eye played an amazing show and the Cochecho Arts Festival Committee would like to thank them as well as Szirbik and Young for coming out and giving a great show to the audience.