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The Sound 5/13/2016  by Austin Sorette 

The art of storytelling is so ingrained in Wooden Eye as a band, even their name suggests there is a really good story behind it. What happened to the real eye? Why make it out of wood? How many splinters have you accumulated from that? But that's just the appeal and the promise of Wooden Eye's charm; the songs on the band's third album, "Corduroy Road," are like short stories. "Night Drop," for example, details the atmosphere of the Bahamas in the eyes of a drug supplier. "Acrobat Man" chronicles an entertainer performing physical feats for "beach bums" and "surfer dudes." With Mike "Bullfrog" Rogers' hard-hitting harmonica, guitarist Bob Halperin's twangy strings, and the swinging rhythm section of Dan MacLellan on bass and Joe Rogers on drums, Wooden Eye oscillates between the haunting jaunt of jazz and modernized outlaw country. "All encompassing" is the most accurate way of describing Wooden Eye's sound. The band's ability to combine so many different styles is impressive. The band members have a lengthy musical history on the Seacoast and have collectively absorbed several decades of styles, and it shows on thisrecording. On the surface, tunes like "Corner Lot" and "Forty Bucks" feature a signature Southern roots style that could have come straight from the riverbanks of the Mississippi. But Wooden Eye's style defies the boundaries of any one time or region, telling a story without borders.