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"This tight quartet extracts the best of American music, deftly welding their amassed experience to create something special. "

Energy Pumping Show

"Throughout the night Wooden Eye continued to please the crowd with their bluesy, jazz feel. The band created a sound all their own as they were able to blend together many different types of music into one energy pumping show. Wooden Eye definitely brought their rootsy mood to stage, bringing some great vibes to the Pavilion."

Playing Their Hits

"Wooden Eye, a four-man band from Portsmouth, started playing hits for the excited crowd, including songs from their newly released album, "Spare Parts Cans and Bottles." The group combines their personal recording and live performance experience, with instruments including the mandolin, harmonica, guitar, and bass to create an Americana sound that has become their trademark."

Things With Strings

"Wearing dark sunglasses under a wide rimmed hat and a belt that holstered up to nine harmonicas, Mike Rogers firmly commanded center stage. To his right stood Halperin, who harbored his own arsenal of axes just offstage, alternating between electric and acoustic guitars, mandolin and other assorted things with strings."